Madagaskar: Stop lamenting like a pagan with no hope!

Stop lamenting like a pagan with no hope!
by lynettemadanews

You might wonder why I have not posted anything in weeks. The last three weeks have been emotionally the worst for me since Dries has been away. The government announced that Madagascar’s boarders would be opening partially. Flights between Madagascar and its surrounding islands had opened up and Europe will follow this coming week. Unfortunately, South Africans are on the list of “undesired” travellers due to Covid. Flights are also only to and from Antananarivo and as yet, there are no transformable visas being issued. So to sum up, Dries is still stuck in SA.

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Madagaskar: The week 19/9/2021

THE WEEK–19/09/2021 by lynettemadanews

Norbert and Antonin have suggested a couple of times that they were prepared to go to Ampamata for a week to help out at school, especially since we have not been able to go there.  Euphrasie and I were also eager to be there for the start of the new school year and I was therefore so thankful when Liaan and Elizna agreed to take us to Ampamata on Monday.  It was also an opportunity to put their new boat, ‘Seeperdjie’  (Sea Horse), through its paces. The trip which normally takes us about four hours, lasted less than an hour.  Norbert remarked that he could get used to such an effortless means of transport. 

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