Amos & Family – March Ministry updates

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ

Greetings dear prayer warriors, it’s with love and warm greetings and hugs we send to you this letter. praying that you all are doing well

How cannot give thanks and glory to God, just want to praise God for His healing, after my fourth surgery, the same doctor who said there is no hope, told me a week ago that he is very happy for me I could see again, I said to him that I have many people praying for me, his reply was: wow you can really tell them it’s a miracle

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Algerië: Sep2021 Ministry Updates

Let asseblief daarop dat op versoek, alle foto’s weerhou word.

Dear brothers and sisters 

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ 

Hope you all doing well ,please know that we praying for you and we are so thankful of your prayers and support ,we want to let you know that your love prayers and support  making us moving and doing what the Lord called us to do and we we are so blessed ,thank you for serving Him with us 

So sory the letter is long but I am sure you will enjoy all the testimonies 

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Algerië: Amos en Lynda se boodskap van dank betuiging

Let asseblief daarop dat op versoek, alle foto’s weerhou word.

Liewe Vriende

Hiermee Amos en Lynda se boodskap van dank betuiging  wat ek gister ontvang het vir julle kennisname.

Die skrifgedeelte is uit Jesaja  58:6 tot 10 wat julle straks liefs in die Afrikaanse vertaling moet lees.

GCM is Global Christian Ministry , ‘n sambreel organisasie waaronder Campus Crusade in Islamietiese lande werk.

Die fotos GCM 9,10 en 20 is eintlik hart verskeurend as mens dink dat daardie streek van Algerie normaalweg groen en boomryk is!!

Algerie Sending groete.


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