Sendingnuus: Madagaskar – The week 30 June 2024

I finally received that small document which states that I have deposited my file for the renewing of my visa.  I was relieved until I noticed that all the information concerning my passport and previous visa, was completely wrong.  I want to say done on purpose, but let’s be positive.  I have to go back and apply for a new one. 

Dries is almost done with the work on the centre box of the boat.  It is slow work, but has already made a big difference.

Larisdiana and Sitraka welcomed their second child, another girl, named Mariska.  They are really good parents and such an example of what a godly family should look like. 

All our grade 5 students passed the national exam. One of the Ampamata students did not make it.   There were five of them this year and we are very proud of them for this big accomplishment. 

Have a blessed week.