Madagaskar: The week 30 October 2022

I have no pictures of a shiny roof to show you yet as the work is progressing really slow due to the bad state of the current walls. We are so thankful that PM lent us one of his workers, Zachary, who with the help of two extra guys are doing a proper job and they seem to never get tired.

The president made a visit to the island and this indirectly slowed us down a little as the road’s numerous holes had to filled in anticipation of his arrival. This proved to be an exercise in futility as there was just enough rain each night to wash out the earth and turn it into mud. Furthermore, every man and his broom took to the streets to sweep the rubbish out of sight. Various projects, completed and hurriedly set up, were inaugurated. More tourist operators and their boats were invited to join the ‘tourist boom’, but in all the excitement nobody mentioned that the ports remain closed for whatever undisclosed reason.

So this coming week, we hope to get some of the sixty roof sheets which were delivered on Friday, onto the roof. There is also a glimmer of hope that Jirama will come and connect the water to the school. Our application has been ignored for months now and it would have stretched to years if Euphrasie did not go and pay the ‘fast track fee’. The corruption in this country has never been more rampant and absolutely nothing gets done in the normal and acceptable way. We can only lay all of this before God and not dwell on it. I have to admit that it gets me down and I sometimes feel dejected by these obstacles that appear insurmountable.

Dries needs to finish the little building for the water tank this week

Yes, the work is moving forward, but slower than expected. Please continue to pray for us. Dries is tired and there seems to be no let-up in the various projects and constant repairs.

Have a great week.