Madagaskar:November update

lynettemadanewsNov 20

The team worked until 7 o’ clock every night and the final corrugated sheet was laid down on Friday evening. I cannot describe the relief and above all the thankfulness we felt. No matter the unplastered walls and two classrooms with mud floors, it feels like a functioning school for the first time.

Dries mostly worked on the room where the water tank will be installed. Jirama has yet to show up and connect us. I suppose the fast track fee only gets you so far.

I painted blackboards with the teachers this week and they had to come on Saturday so that we could get the classrooms ready for school on Monday. I am really excited about school this week as we had children passing by every day to ask when they can come back to school. Some sat themselves down and offered running commentary about nothing in particular while we were working.

So, we are looking forward to the oohs and aahs of the students tomorrow and will probably have to remind them to look at the teachers and not at the fancy roof.