Madagaskar: Stop lamenting like a pagan with no hope!

Stop lamenting like a pagan with no hope!
by lynettemadanews

You might wonder why I have not posted anything in weeks. The last three weeks have been emotionally the worst for me since Dries has been away. The government announced that Madagascar’s boarders would be opening partially. Flights between Madagascar and its surrounding islands had opened up and Europe will follow this coming week. Unfortunately, South Africans are on the list of “undesired” travellers due to Covid. Flights are also only to and from Antananarivo and as yet, there are no transformable visas being issued. So to sum up, Dries is still stuck in SA.

The rainy season is almost here and I admit that I struggle with the stress of Gabriel and bad weather. I won’t be able to go to South Africa either and it has been three years. Dries had his hernia operation on Wednesday and although he is fine, I would have loved to be there. And on and one it goes with no light at the end of this dark tunnel. When I look further than our situation, I see an equally grim picture. My sister lives in Canada and people are loosing their jobs and are refused entry to most public places including shops and restaurants, if they are not vaccinated. The word ‘surreal’ comes to mind.

In John 11, we read about the death and resurrection of Lazarus. Jesus ‘groaned in the Spirit’, which suggests anger, outrage and emotional indignation. It was a general indignation at what sin and death do to people, but Jesus was angered by the emotional grief of the people which revealed their unbelief in the resurrection. Acting in despair. They were quite simply acting like pagans without hope. This really spoke to me, because I have literally been crying for weeks in such a way that showed hopelessness. Thus, lamenting like a pagan with no hope.

V 21, Martha said to Jesus, ” Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died....


...even now, I know that whatever You ask of God, God will give You.”

As Christians, we share in the trials and troubles of this world, but how we respond should reflect our eternal hope. When we cry or mourn, we do so with hope. Hope in Christ who overcame death.

God bless!