Madagaskar: The week 4 December 2022

School will close in two weeks time for the Christmas two week holiday. School exams start on Tuesday and two more Ranger meetings remain.

My lesson from the book of Ezra was about praying for government and our leaders. I asked my group of boys whether they think the president sits in his office and watches football all day. This was of course meant as a joke and to get them thinking about the responsibilities of those in government. Christian promptly replied, “Yes, … and he also increases the price of the rice everyday.” I think I know the discussions of the adults in that household.

The Adventure and Expedition Rangers enjoy their knots merit. We have many more Adventure Rangers in the Saturday group this year and we want to invest a lot in them as the culture of secondary schools on the island quickly swallows them up. We see the total lack of discipline, respect and rebelliousness in other youths. Sometimes I don’t blame them, because the system does not help them. I noticed one of the secondary school’s mottos during the week; ‘Punctuality, Cleanliness and Silence.’ What does the ‘silence’ part mean? Students simply copy from the board and should rather not ask questions. It is really sad.

Masilaza (on the left), from Ampamata school loves Rangers and is coming out of her shell now. She is also the best at doing her knots. We are glad that we brought her to Nosy Be to be able to go to secondary school.

We have some prayer requests:

  • Give thanks to the Lord for providing for the replacement of the walls of Lovako School in Ampamata. How and when to get there, will be the next headache. Gabriel needs work and the cyclone season really kicks off from January.
  • JoshGen School is functioning well even though we still have a long way to go. We are thankful for teachers who never complained during messy part of the reparations.
  • There is an orginisation in Germany that places volunteers all over the world and there might be two suitable candidates for us. The biggest challenge is the visa. Please pray that we’ll be able to get the right information and the right people to help. They will come for a year which makes the visa application more complicated.
  • Dries is struggling with his secknd bout of flu and it seems to take a long time for him to get well. He had to slow down which is of course difficult for him.

Have a blessed week.

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