Madagaskar: Lynettemada News for the week 25 July 2022

I arrived safely in Frankfurt on Tuesday morning. I managed to find the train station very quickly as well as the platform for my train. That was where the ‘plain sailing’ ended. The DB or Deutsche Bahn is usually exactly on time, but my chosen day of travel was also the day when there was maintenance work on that specific line and include the fact that I got off at a wrong station once, it took me just about five hours.

But I was extremely happy to see Thesi’s happy face on Heidelberg station at the end of all that. I had an amazing week of sightseeing. Heidelberg is one of the oldest university towns in the world, founded 1386. I have a tiny attic room in her students’ house and have a view of Heidelberg Castle. I have to climb three flights of very narrow and uneven wooden stairs which really show that the house was built in the 1700’s. want the map to show.

We will leave for the Bundescamp tomorrow morning very early. It is about a six hour bus trip with many other Rangers. Please pray for us for a safe journey and for my limited camping experience. I have always thought of life on Gabriel as camping, but I think what lies ahead will be much more demanding. I just hope that I will be of some help.

The parents turned up at the new school premises on Tuesday morning and Dries said that they had the whole place cleaned up in no time. Dries will start to put in some windows and doors this coming week.

The mother of Dreyfuss and Soafara of our Saturday Rangers died yesterday and it came as quite a shock as we have known her since the beginning of the school and very involved. Dries and the teachers visited their home this morning to bring comfort and share their condolences.

Have a blessed week!

ps I can’t seem to upload photo’s at the moment, but I hope to be able to get that sorted soon.

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