Madagaskar: 24 April 2022 Lynette and Dries

lynettemadanews Apr 24
Winter is definitely closing in. We are spending a few days at Highlands Lodge in the Outeniqua pass before heading back to Cape Town. We are privileged to be blessed by our friends Liaan and Elizna for making this getaway possible. It is really cold and the fireplace has been going for most of the time.·     

We were not able to complete the chicken coop in Suurbraak during the time that we had spent there. We made a good start though and just enjoyed this pictoresque little place and surrounding towns. My mom joined us on this trip and it will be our last visit for some time.·     ·     ·     ·     ·     Air Ethopia had their first flight to Antananarivo on Saturday and we are confident that flights will soon resume to Nosy Be. So, Dries will go to Pretoria within the next two weeks for his visa and to visit family. Please pray for everything to fall in place. We are anxious to return to Madagascar. JoshGen school has three months left of this school year and there is still nowhere to move the school to from September. Everybody asks us what will happen next and we simply don’t know. We rest in the knowledge that God established the school twenty-one years ago, many lives were changed by Him and we shall be at peace with whatever the future holds.Baby Mitsiky, Larice and Sitraka’s daughter is getting cuter by the day. We are updated with regular pictures.·     Have a great week!
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