Madagaskar: Weeklikse nuusflits vanaf Lynette – Die WEEK – 8/05/2022

What a joy and a privilege to have friends in Christ who encourage and advise us by the power of the Holy Spirit. A couple of days ago, it was clear to us that JoshGen School would have to close its doors after twenty years. I found myself either crying or close to tears most of the time.Therefore, it was a surprise when Euphrasie sent me a message and reminded me about a very small piece of land we went to look at a few months ago. At the time, we considered it too small and access was also a problem. This land belongs to Victoria who was a part of the school for many years and who we regard as family. We don’t have to pay anything for the land, which is a huge advantage. So, Euphrasie proposed that we try to build three classrooms before the new school year starts at the end of September. We would then add to that as we are able to raise the funds.Dries and I realise that this is the only option at the moment. We always dreamt of a big school with enough space for play and sport, but this is what was given to us at this moment in time and we have always been able to make the best of what God supplies. Please pray with us for the finances to be able to build at least three classrooms to get us started.All through our missionary journey, God has always supplied in our needs and when He puts things in place, it usually happens really fast. I suppose that it does not give us too much time for ponder or perturbation. Just move!We have been invited to go the Royal Rangers Bundeskamp in Germany in August as part of the Africa contingency, but representing Madagascar. This is truly special as this international meeting of Royal Rangers is only held every eight years. We will be able to meet up with Thesi and her outpost. Thesi was such a blessing to us when she visited us a few years ago. And yes, we are suppose to go back to Madagascar on 3 June. We thought that we could go to the Bundeskamp from Madagascar, but after lots of research, this proved to be impossible as the flight tickets are too expensive and obtaining a Schengen visa also out of the question. So we we would have to go to the camp from South Africa and afterwards fly back to Madagascar. There are so many things that have to fall in place and we are convinced that only God can make this possible. It would also be a valuable opportunity to connect with possible donors and build our support network.Please pray with us. We love and appreciate you.