Madagaskar: Nuusflits vanaf Lynette: Die WEEK – 23/10/2022

So tomorrow it will be off with the old roof and on with a new one! I am saying this with a lot of gusto and positivity, simply because the vision of the shiny new roof will get us through the next two weeks. There are a lot of challenges; the existing walls are not straight at all, not the same height, built with different kinds of bricks and the wooden beams are rotten. So that means, not a straight forward job then. Not that that seems to deter Dries as nothing is ever just simple and “normal” here. What should have been a weekend of rest, was not to be as the Land Rover’s clutch broke and Dries had to search for parts, because without the Land Rover, there will be no new roof.

The teachers and children showed their enthusiasm to help on Thursday and decided to lay down some more of the rubble in front of the school which will later become a veranda. The smaller ones formed a line to move the concrete pieces down the hill, the big boys dug out some more earth and the girls carried it to the back of the building where we continue to fill up for the wall. Some might raise an eybrow and question children doing this type of work, but we call it ‘taking ownership’. I am sure that we will have many kids hanging around at school the next two weeks to follow the progression.

Please pray for us this week; for strength and safety and that we shall have all the material and equipment that we need and especially that the Land Rover will be fixed and ready to roll on Monday.

As we left town one day, we ended up behind this guy and his ‘sarety’ or ox cart. “Not disappointed – 007′, was written on the back of the cart. We should think of a slogan for the Land Rover too…although I doubt if Dries will allow me to paint anything on his precious Landy. People already stare at it when we drive by, whether in sympathy or amusement, one cannot be sure. It really needs a paint job.

Have a blessed week.

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