Madagaskar: Lynette’s Weekly newsletter: the Week 9 October 2022

The roof on our house has been replaced. That makes one out of three, the school’s roof next in line and then the toilets. Exactly one day after the finishing touches were made, we had strong wind and heavy rain that night. Some parts of the house were wet as the wind pushed the water through the front windows and door, but no leaks from the roof. I cannot describe the relief, as the rainy season is almost upon us.

Expedition and Adventure Rangers started on Saturday. Dino, one of our ex-Rangers came to visit. He attended school with us from the age of five, joined Rangers every Saturday and is now a first year student in Diego, the most northern city of Madagascar. I was so touched when he encouraged the youngsters by telling them to stay faithful to the Rangers. He still wore his uniform and also still had his original logbook. Quite an example to everyone. He reckons, once a Ranger, always a Ranger.

Everybody wants one of these…I only brought a cap for each Saturday Ranger leader from Germany.

Norbert and his helper Jean will continue work on the retaining wall this coming week as Dries will have to do some urgent work on Gabriel. The spare parts for the quad had also arrived from Antananarivo. I for one, will be so happy to have the quad on the road again.

There remains two weeks before the replacement of the roof of the school and once that is done, we’ll be able to breathe freely for a while. Please pray for us as we are over budget, the reason being that we could not only focus on the existing building, but had to build toilets and start work on the first retaining wall which were originally projects with their own budgets.

Have a blessed week.