Madagaskar: Lynette’s madanews THE WEEK – 5/06/2023

Dries is back home! I think it still feels a little unreal to him. He remarked that the heat and humidity will take some getting used to. He left South Africa on Friday evening wearing all of his winter gear. Please pray for him as he will start on his longterm visa application next week. His passport and transformable visa was closely scrutinized on the airport on Nosy Be and the officials weren’t happy with what they saw on the computer. So much so that the supervisor was called. He was finally allowed in and we know that it is God who is in control and that He will make a way.

The school Rangers had their last meeting for this school year. At the end of every school year, a family is identified that experiences particular hardship. The Rangers then go and visit this family, minister to them and present them with rice and other basic supplies. Madame Zakia and her daughter Fatima really touched my heart. Fatima is paralysed and her mother is deaf. They live in a very tiny Malagasy house containing a mattress, some cooking utensils and not much more. Euphrasie sent me some pictures and although Malagasy children are used to seeing suffering around them all the time, she observed that the Rangers were all subdued and touched by the plight of these two women. May Zakia and Fatima be drawn to the Father by what they experienced through this act of kindness.

May you have a great week.

Madagaskar Week 5-6-2022
Madagaskar Week 5-6-2022

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