Madagaskar: Lynette’s Madanews THE WEEK – 19/06/2022

It has been a busy week for both of us. The school concert was on Friday and the picnic on Saturday. Dries will write and tell you all about that. Watch this space.

Load shedding on my side and continuous power cuts on Dries’s side made everything more challenging. At least I knew exactly when the electricity would go off.  I managed to get my paper work for my Schengen visa done and printed. I have to go for the interview tomorrow. I find that I am somewhat nervous, because there were endless demands for documents and then to be told that all of it won’t necessarily ensure you of a visa. Please pray with me.

May you have a great week!

One door shuts….another will open for Joshua Generation School

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It is the end of this school year and also the end of a season. After 20 years, we are saying goodbye and packing up to leave the place that we called school all these years. Images of our humble beginnings flash through my mind; one classroom and sixteen pre-schoolers sitting on the floor because we had no chairs, cows walking through the school yard, the local witch doctor passing by every day trying to intimidate us, but also the teams who helped to fix, build and train teachers to make the school a shining light in the spiritual darkness of the village.

At the parents’ meeting on Wednesday, parents broke down in tears when the news was shared with them that the school will have to close for the next school year. They declared that they were ready to help in any way. Some even reckoned that we could have school outside.

There is some hope though. Just around the corner from our present place, is a piece of land with a derelict building on it. It used to be a little school. The owner approached us and is willing to rent it to us and will accept anything we put in the contract. Apparently, he knows us and wants to help the school. Dries went to have a look and thinks that it is doable, but impossible to be ready before the new school year starts in September. It is not just a matter of finances, but two months won’t be enough to basically start from scratch.

So, that is where we are at the moment. We need your prayer and wisdom to decide what to do. Dries has been thrown into the deep side since he returned to Madagascar. He had to prepare all the papers for his long term visa application, get the Land Rover back on the road, decide what is the most important work to be done on the boat and now deal with packing up the school before the end of the month. We are so grateful for PM who will come with his truck next week to pick up the furniture and put it in storage.

Today is the school concert and tomorrow the picnic. It will be the first concert and picnic after the Covid restrictions. It will also be the last concert and picnic of the school as we have known it for twenty years.

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