Madagaskar: The week 11 December 2022

Happiness is….

having running water in your house. After months of battling with water pressure, broken pipes and rusted plumming, Dries managed to get it all fixed amidst all the other pressing projects. My Christmas present is to have a hot shower. I can’t tell you how wonderful that feels! I am not the only one though, Dries who usually doesn’t complain, had to admit that the hot shower was just pure luxury.

We received disappointing news during the week. Madagascar has been placed on the list of no-go places for volunteers in Germany so, our wish to have some help for next year, was not to be. Please pray with us that God will open another door.

We had our last Royal Ranger meetings for 2022. Dries concluded the rope merit with the Adventure and Expedition groups and as usual we ended the year with some snacks and lots of fun and laughter. The muddy road to school now requires skillful driving and even the Land Rover slides along a little ungracefully and it will get worse as the rain increases. It is also a mess around the school, but we will just have to cope this season. 

I have started a daunting task; reading cards and exercises in French and Malagasy from Grade 2 to Grade 5. The children are struggling with reading and the main reason is that the teachers did not pay enough attention to it. It will keep me busy for the next few months and then the teachers will need to be trained how to use it. 

Have a blessed week.