Madagaskar: One step at a time….

Dries and the team have been working diligently to continue preparing the building ready for the new school year. What started off as nothing but a shack, is beginning to change. Dries was adament that this building will eventually be a suitable home for JoshGen school. As he always says, “I see the end result in my head.” I am thankful for that as I sometimes struggle to see past the existing obstacles.

We have received funds that will allow us to get this existing building ready for school and we know that God will also supply for the next step, which will be to build a retaining wall at the back before the rainy season.

The work is tough and Dries had a fall from a window during the week. As you all know, he does not know what it means to take things slow. Pleass continue to pray for him and the helpers for strength and safety.

Euphrasie, the headmistress, can add building to her list of skills.

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