8th Tsabong Missional Conference DRC in Botswana – Dr Frans Hancke

Dr. Frans Hancke shares with us some of his experiences in Botswana and the 8th Missional Conference of the Dutch Reformed Church in Botswana.

The reality that being a Christian means: being a disciple (obedient follower) of Jesus, was undeniably made clear in this 8th Tsabong Missional Conference.

Dr. Frans Hancke - 8 Tsabong Missioany Conference DRCB
Dr. Frans Hancke – 8 Tsabong Missioany Conference DRCB

The central message is most probably summarised the best way in the words of Dietrich Bonnhoeffer:

Christianity without discipleship, is always Christianity without Christ.

Amongst the attendees I experienced a tangible atmosphere of serious and honest internalization of the contents of the sessions. God’s Spirit was and is at work in our hearts and minds, and hopefully our lives. We thank God for His humble and gifted servant,

Frans Hancke, who brought this message of truth from His word. Soli Deo gloria!

Tomorrow the conference is concluded by Frans at the worship service on the topic: From different to the same. Thank you for your prayers. God is answering them!

Conference goers enjoying a bit of sunshine. Tsabong is, contrary to the usual weather pattern. extremely cold for this time of the year!