Madagaskar: Lynette’s Mada news April 2022

For the first time since I arrived, things seem to move forward. Madagascar has finally conceded to allowing other airlines to fly after they had officially opened the boarders more than a month ago, but only allowed Air France entry. We prefer to go back with Air Ethiopia due to their generous baggage allowance. No dates for flights have been announced, but we are convinced that it will be within the next month. Dries also received his second police clearance certificate, so in theory, he is set to go.

There will have to be some careful planning as we still want to spend some time in Pretoria and Dries needs to get his ‘visa transformable’.

So until we have definite dates available, we are in the Cape. We leave for Suurbraak today. Dries has a project to build a chicken coup. We have quite a few projects under our belts now and I was told that I was upgraded from a clueless apprentice to one that shows promise. We had only one mishap so far when a ladder collapsed with Dries on the top of it. When it collapsed, it hit me on the legs, but apart from bruises, bumps and scratches, we were fine. I am beginning to understand why they say that ladders and old men don’t go together…..

Please pray with us that everything will come together; flights, visa and the timing of it all. My mom will go with us to Suurbraak and we look forward to spending time with her. Please pray for safe travelling.


Have a good week!