Dringende Gebedsversoek: Amos

Ons het hierdie dringende gebedsversoek vanaf Amos ontvang vir ons voorbidding – hy gaan deur ‘n moeilike tyd met sy oë.

Dankie vir jul voorbidding.

Dear brothers and sisters

Pray that you all doing well,and enjoyed the Christmas day ,praying that you are blessed 

I am  sorry to bother you with my urgent prayers request, but please join me praying for my eye total healing

As you my know ,I done surgery for my both eyes recently to  get heald from my strong miopia,and  I could see perfectly after the surgeries, I was really happy 

But this week before Christmas,I had an Retinal detachment that blind my eye and I had to do emergency surgery for my right eye and it’s really not sure it will recover,so please pray God for mercy and healing in Jesus name He is a live and do miracles

Tomorrow I have appointment at the ophthalmologist to do laser reinforcement for my Left eye so that will not have same problem as my right eye

I thank you for your prayers and my God bless you abandantly

And Happy blessed new year 2022