Madagaskar: Lynnette se nuusbrief

The news that we have been waiting for finally arrived this week and prompted us into action, because lots need to happen in a short time. Air Ethiopia will resume flights to Nosy Be from 14 May. We are waiting for the final confirmation of flight dates, but would like to fly out by the first week of June.

We decided that it will be better if we both fly from Johannesburg. So we’ll be making our way up there within the next three weeks to allow enough time to say goodbye to family and friends and for Dries to get his transformable visa. 

Please pray with us for all of it to fall in place and for the finances to cover all the flights.

We are so grateful for the time that we could spend together with Mom and the hospitality wherever we visited during the last couple of months. As the saying goes, ‘all good things come to an end’, the same applies for the ‘bad things’, which are not necessarily bad, but a part of life. All that we can testify to, is that God uses the bad for good and we have experienced that time and again this last year and a half. 

Have a blessed week